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Athlete on a Team: ENJOY YOURSELF!

By August 14, 2017 No Comments

One of the perks of being in college is that you get to meet a lot of people that you would not normally meet otherwise.  During your off-season, not only concentrate on improving your skills, but take time to enjoy yourself with others.  Associations with key people can help make your college life fun and exciting, along with contributing to your personal growth and development.

  A person, alone off in college, isolated with few quality friendships and support systems, has a limited chance of personal growth and enjoyment.

As a college athlete, you have a limited amount of time during your season to socialize.  Therefore, most of your friendships, outside of your teammates, will probably develop during the off-seasons.  These friendships, along with those with your teammates, can be very important to the enjoyment of your college experiences.

Association with the right people is an efficient way to help with your personal growth and development.  The right people are those with the personal attributes, or are striving for the personal qualities that you are aspiring to get to, can help steer you in the direction towards success.  Each of you could be a gauge for the other.  That is, to keep each other on track.

So, I encourage you to:

Use this time to get to know your teammates outside of just playing and practicing.  Perhaps you all can explore the town.  Go places together and have clean fun.

Connect with your support systems, such as family and close friends.  These are the people that keep you mentally strong, energized, and motivated through the ups and downs of your college life.  So, spend some quality time with them.  Enjoy them.  Let them enjoy you.

Find out your likes and dislikes.  What do you enjoy doing?  What type of people you enjoy being around or having fun with?

Develop new friendships.  Get to know people in your classes. You never know what type of long term relationships you could develop.

One last thing.

Evaluate all friendships.

Remember, you’re seeking friendships of those with character traits that you’re aspiring to have for success in every part of your life.   Those like honor and respecting people, being responsible, and being unselfish.

Enjoy yourself!  These can be some of the best years of your life!

Tell me how you’re enjoying yourself.

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