Athletes’ Voice to Integrity

Helping Athletes Develop Character for Success

Do you want your athlete to perform better in their sport, in the classroom, and in public?

Do you want to help your athlete develop attitudes necessary to become successful?

Creating the Super
Athlete Course.

By Geraline L. Handsome

Geraline L. Handsome


Creating the Super Athlete Course is designed to help young athletes develop attitudes that will enable them to perform better in their sport, in the classroom, and in public. This course teaches high school and college age athletes about honoring and respecting people, being a responsible athlete, and being an unselfish athlete. Within the Audio Workshop, the author uses her heartfelt personal experiences, as a student athlete, to show athletes why having these attributes as a part of their character is so important for success. The course videos go into detail about the concepts of honoring and respecting people, responsibility, and unselfishness. The videos also offer practical guides on how to apply each of these concepts to a student athlete’s life.

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