Athlete: Do you think your COACH DOES NOT KNOW what he/she is doing?

As an athlete your ultimate goal is to reach your highest potential in athletic skills, to perfect your performance, and excel in your athletic career.  But how are you going to do that?  Who is going to help you?  Where do you start?

The answer to all of these questions resides with your coach.  Your coach has the resources that will help you achieve your athletic goals.


It was late in the 4th quarter and we were neck and neck with our opponent.  Both our teams stayed within 2 point of each other.

I was scoring and keeping my man from scoring.

All of a sudden the horn was sounded for a substitution.

“Geral, I’m in for you.”


“Coach told me to come in for you.”

I went to bench angry and confused. 

Why did he take me out?  He don’t know what he doing.

We lost.

 “Geral, why he took you out?  Y’all would have won if he would have kept you in. He must don’t know what he doing.”

“Yeah!  We would have won.  He don’t know what he doing!”


How many of you have ever thought that your coach did not know what he or she was doing?  As you can see, I sure have.

In this particular game, there was a player who played in the post position on the other team that was scoring and rebounding.  Although I was scoring, it was not enough.  There was a need to change our defense, and bring in a stronger rebounder than I was.  It was a coaching decision made for the team.  We just didn’t happen to win.

My actions were less than honorable and respectful.  The comment I made about my coach not knowing what he was doing showed I devalued him.   It showed when I did not protect his reputation.  Someone you value you protect.  By me making that statement, it contributed to destroying his reputation as a coach.  It was even more significant, because I was part of the team.

Coaches are the experts who can guide you through your athletic career.  They are equipped with the skills and education to help you reach your highest potential.  Your success as an athlete depends on your application of what you learn from them.

You can only learn from them by recognizing they are the experts and enthusiastically taking their instruction.

This can only be accomplished if you create an attitude towards them that supports open communication between you and them.  This requires you to have an attitude that honors and respects them.  Honoring and respecting your coach is the first step towards succeeding as an athlete.

You honor your coaches by doing everything they required of you.  You respect your coaches by valuing their knowledge and expertise.

They know what it takes for you to get to the next level in your career, and have the contacts to get you there.  Coaches have the knowledge and resources to help you learn how to improve your athletic skills and performance.  They know what it takes for you to become a great athlete.

Therefore, I encourage you to develop an attitude that honors and respects your coaches.  Begin by being eager to follow their instructions without resistance, obey all the rules set by them, resist making negative comments about their coaching decisions to anyone, and discuss with them any concerns or issues you may have with them.

Have you ever thought your coach didn’t know what he was doing?

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