Athlete: Do you THANK those who SUPPORT YOU?

In order for you to advance or excel in any area of your life you are going to need some kind of support.  You can get that support through acts of kindness.

As an athlete, you enjoy the rush associated with competing along with the idea of people watching you prove you are the best.  The more people that come to see the better.  Those people are your main supporters.  They are your fans.  Fans support your team, the school you represent, and you.

 “Number 23, you played a great game!”

I gave a halfhearted, “Thank you.”

I don’t remember seeing that person at any of the other games again.

After another game…….

 “Number 23, you played a great game!  We going to stop your $@s next time!  We got something waiting on you!”

“Oh, alright!  We going to beat y’all again!

 That time I was joking with a smile.

Not only did he start coming to some of our games, he brought friends and family with him.

The difference in attracting the respective fans to my games was in my response.  In the first game, my response was showing that I did not care whether he was at the game.  My response did not acknowledge that he was actually a fan of mine.  He took the time to congratulate me for my performance and I was unappreciative.

In the second game, my response was showing that I enjoyed that he was at the game, and looked forward to him coming back.  Not only did he come back he brought more fans.

Without fans there would be no sport.  So give them honor and respect.

At every opportunity thank those who come to see you play or come to your games.  This shows them that you appreciate them for taking time and spending money to support you and your team.  This one action will play a big part in them returning.

I also encourage you to recruit fans.  Begin by being friendly to people.  Keep in mind all are potential supporters.  Begin in your classes with your classmates.  Be nice and polite to them.  Invite them to your games.  As you stroll through campus on your way to class, greet those that you cross with a smile.  If possible, say hello.  Practice this whether people respond to you or not.  You never know who will come to support you just because you were nice to them.

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